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Hello -dA! It's been 2 long years since I've last posted on this site.  I haven't used Photoshop creatively in just as long. (Use it to create banners for a side business but that's about it).  

It's nice to see some of you out there still faving and sharing my work. I'm sure a lot of it has been ripped as well, but lets still to just the brighter side of it. ;) There were so many messages I couldn't possible go through them all so I deleted most. Replied to a few, but deleted most. (Sorry!)

Thinking about enrolling at the Art Institute. For Web Design & Multimedia. Not sure though. Tuition is still pretty expensive and I have like, no savings and tons of bills, but my sister showed my page here to a friend of hers. Coincidentally, "friend" is a successful designer. They suggested I look into school, so that's what I'm doing. Not sure where that will take me or where I will end up, but just throwing it all out there.  Its exciting and scary and I definitely could use some encouragement!

Would say that it is good to be back, but hell, who knows if I'll stay or how long for. So. That is all. ;)

Just kidding. If any of ya'll out there who are my Boomers, you should know who you are, want to catch up. Send me a note. Its a stretch but I'll check back soon.
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Submitted on
April 23, 2013