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Hello -dA! It's been 2 long years since I've last posted on this site.  I haven't used Photoshop creatively in just as long. (Use it to create banners for a side business but that's about it).  

It's nice to see some of you out there still faving and sharing my work. I'm sure a lot of it has been ripped as well, but lets still to just the brighter side of it. ;) There were so many messages I couldn't possible go through them all so I deleted most. Replied to a few, but deleted most. (Sorry!)

Thinking about enrolling at the Art Institute. For Web Design & Multimedia. Not sure though. Tuition is still pretty expensive and I have like, no savings and tons of bills, but my sister showed my page here to a friend of hers. Coincidentally, "friend" is a successful designer. They suggested I look into school, so that's what I'm doing. Not sure where that will take me or where I will end up, but just throwing it all out there.  Its exciting and scary and I definitely could use some encouragement!

Would say that it is good to be back, but hell, who knows if I'll stay or how long for. So. That is all. ;)

Just kidding. If any of ya'll out there who are my Boomers, you should know who you are, want to catch up. Send me a note. Its a stretch but I'll check back soon.
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Its been quite a while, dA, it has.

Been busy with life.. Work, sleep, work, bowling, Friends the complete series, Lost the complete series... Bah.  Too much of nothing going on.

Haven't done much design in a looooong time.  Considering scrapping my gallery and starting fresh.

Also considering opening up my webdesign portfolio again... Making some side-money for small business website design.

Who knows.

Thanks for all the support while I was on my bajillion-year long vacation.


Oh, I'm getting married, too.  How about that? =]
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Journal Entry: Mon Nov 9, 2009, 1:26 PM
Blah blah blah blah.

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Wow, its been a while eh?  Almost a year since I last left a journal.

Things have really changed for me.  I'm still living in the bigger part of Montana, had moved out on my own, then reluctantly back in with my mother. >.>

Bit of amazing news.. my hunny :iconjerichoda: and I are now living together, and I've never been happier. I honestly never thought I could feel like this.  I love him so much. He's my biggest inspiration in everything that I do and I can't thank him enough. =]

Winter just hit, before Fall even got here (Check out my newest Deviation!), and *hopefully* I'll be able to start taking pictures again. I'd never really uploaded much of my photography before, but I love taking pictures of snowy seasons, as much as I hate the cold, it really can get pretty. =]

Thanks to everyone who continued supporting me through my periods of downtime around here.. I know I'm a slacker, but I'm just so busy nowadays! I really appreciate the constant nagging for new deviations and comments, and favorites on old material. Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. =P

So.. again, hopefully, you'll be seeing more of me. ;)
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So, I guess I have to let everyone know that I will be moving on Tuesday to a bigger part of MT.  I've been busy the last week or so packing and cleaning my old (current) apartment, and I'm so physically and mentally exhausted its not even remotely funny.  Its hard to pick up and move and move and move just when you thought you were settling down. =[

But, the real reason I'm writing this is because unfortunately the earliest our internet provider can get my apartment hooked up to the internet is on the 22nd or 23rd.  So.... I won't be around for a while. xD  Might do a bit of photoshopping, but I'll really need to download some stocks first!!! T.T

Might work on my painting skills, or lack thereof, but will need references for those as well.  Bah, I'll think of something to occupy my time. =]

But the good news is that instead of DSL, I'll be getting highspeed cable, wewt!


Anywho, again I have to thank everyone that is supporting me now, and who have for a while:

My Biggest Supporters

:iconthegreatbrandino: :iconstore-gfx: :iconjerichoda:
:iconhellkatzx: :iconchrisdoebber: :iconbelafarinrod1988:
:iconbruceleeroy18: :iconsimon-p: :iconthe-tedster:


Also, I want to do something new this time, and include some people who deserve to be recognized.

Alot of you might recognize this persons textures. ArtOfDecay is one of my favorite texture-supplier.  One of my most used textures is called Vintage Lust IV,… , and I want all of you to go and see his beautiful pieces!

Stop by and help support ArtofDecay!



Last note.  I recently joined a new Deviant Art "WatchGroup".  This group was started by ArtofDecay because of his stocks being stolen, and used without credit to him, along with other artists' work here on Deviant Art.

I am a supporter of any anti-art-theft communities and groups, and will dedicate everything I can to helping end the unspeakable act of stealing art.

PLEASE visit the dA Watchdog Group, become a member, and help raise awareness and put an end to art theft!



Thanks everyone!  And I'll see you in a week or so!
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I'm back after quite a long and quiet break from graphic-ing.

Did you know that the term "Googled" is actually published in a book, as in the action of looking something up on Google?
Vanishing Acts - Jodi Picoult


I read The Alchemist a few days ago.  I don't see how this book ever made it past me for so long.  Makes you have to stop and take a breath!  I would suggest this to anyone looking for an inspiring read!


Please check out my latest works, and my website!


Again, time for another big *HUG* to everyone who supports me with comments and favorites.  Its awesome to see that people still see my stuff after such a long break.  So :hug: to everyone that's commented, fav'd or even just viewed!

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So, graduation is TOMORROW!

I will officially be G.C.D.H.S. Alumni!

Also, I will be going back to ND with my Dad, and taking a train to Michigan, to stay with Jeff (My boyfriend) for the summer, working and making plans for college.


This have been pretty hectic, so I haven't really had much time to make anything new, but I've done a few things, so CHECK THEM OUT! xD

New Color Actions Set -…


Great new wallpapers -……

And my first, dA-worthy tattoo! -…


Just want to give a big HUG to everyone who's supported me thus far, favoriting my works, leaving comments, and adding me to their watchlist.  Without you guys, dA wouldn't be possible, and its very, very awesome that some of you choose to support me, and like my stuff.

To my most-commenting/favoriting buddy, ~TheGreatBrandino, a SUPER BIG HUG.  Thanks for all of the support, dear. =]


Ok, so that's all I have for now..  I'm going to be busy settling down in MI for a week or so, so I won't be back for a while.  I also probably won't have my pc for about a week either, so chyea.

Anyways.... Take care, see you all in a week or so! :hug:
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Lots of interesting things have happened lately... I'm going to start with the first, most important thing:  my trip to Michigan.

So.. I FINALLY have gotten to hold the love of my life, Jeff.  I just got back a few days ago from spending a week at his house in Michigan.  It was the best week of my life, and I can't wait to go back.  I loved being able to see him with my own eyes, and holding on to him... gah.. It was just AMAZING!

I can't wait to go back!

Here's a few pictures:…………


Razer Feature

Before I left for Michigan, I received an email from a few employees of Razer (The kickass gaming gear company) asking if I would be interested in a Razer Cult feature article!

Some may know, the wallpapers I make from the Razer gaming mice have been posted up on the Razer website for all to download there as well.

So, now I have a feature article on the Razer site, AND they sent me some cool Razer SWAG (Some stickers, posters and the like)...

Here's the link:…

And my collection of Razer Wallpapers:… - Lachesis… - Copperhead… - Krait… - Salmosa… - Death Adder



Another important update......  It seems I (may) have a wallpaper in the 2008 Desktopography Exhibition.  When I sent in my submission, the editor said he liked it very much.  So when the site has been updated (Early May, 2008), we'll see if my submission is included!

Wish me luck!… - My Submission - Desktopography


Side Notes

Been really busy with school work and such, but have got some work coming in more frequently.  Be sure to check out my gallery and leave me tons of comments!

Only 21 days of school left!!!!!
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I really need to do this more often.. xD

Anyways.. So, I haven't really been up to much lately.. Just working on some CG shading, painting, stuff like that.. I don't want to just stick to tags and photomanipulations forever, now! =D

Some of my more recent works are uploaded and in my gallery, but I'll update you quick here..


My first REAL, neato, looking wallpaper "Arbre Antique" [old/ancient tree]:…
Beach Girl coloring:… Lineart by :icondestinyblue: Thanks!

Araschnia levana Photomanipulation/Wallpaper:…

I've also got a lot of stuff that I'm working on, hoping to upload them within the week!


Don't forget to check out my tutorials and resources part of my gallery!  I've got a TON of new tutorials and a couple packs available for download!


About the tattoo, as some of you may be interested.. I'm still looking for the perfect design.  I've pmed a few artists who's art I simply love and would like to get on my body, and asked for a design from them.  Designs are still pending, I haven't picked anything yet!


Also, I'm cleaning out my signatures and adding 'tagwalls' instead.  Saves space and time, so go check those out..…


On a more personal note:

My sister is home from the military.. She's moved back in with us and is being her usual self [a pain in the ASS], but oh well.

Thanksgiving was relatively ok this year.  My family let me sleep all day, instead of waking me up to eat/play cards with them.  And I even got to watch two football games!

Oh, and I whooped my family's asses at cards the only time I did get to play.. Smoked them, it was great. xD


Well, that's all for now... I'm always here, so send me a note/comment if you want to chat!

And don't forget to check out my fav sites!

My Gallery:
The Booms:
Rapid Graphics:
Black Sun Graphics:


Watched, Friends, and Awesome Resourcers:

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So.. today was a really long day.  Wow.

Woke up this morning with a splitting migraine.. I couldn't even move  my head hurt so bad. >_<  Slept through most of the day, then got up, showered, watched Good Luck Chuck, did some photoshopping, foruming, blah blah.

I guess the first thing to say is.. been doing quite a bit of work at A Family Thing, trying to get the site set up and forums running there again.  If you'd like to visit go to:

Also, I redid my personal site, its got a new theme:

Next up is DG Media.. It's a new graphics community with tutorial indexing, forums to post works for cnc, chatting, help and support, etc. etc.  I'm a global mod of it, yay, so go register and check it out!

DG Media


Related to dA... I was recently browsing the AAO Tracker Gallery forums.. and an old thread had been reopened.. Evidentally someone had taken an image off of dA that wasn't intended to be used in any piece.  Well, this person was caught, called a ripper, many people were offended because the moderators wouldn't do anything.  It was just a big, terrible mess, and still is now.

Unfortunately, due to this incident.. After sitting there and watching the AAO Tracker moderators not doing anything about the blatant rip, I will no longer be posting artwork in the gallery, nor posting cnc.  After this week's SOTW is over, which I have entered, I won't be posting any further.

How can we stop such problems as ripping from occurring when the people in charge fail to take action?


For those of you interested, my entry in the SOTW: Smudge, can be viewed here:…


Today's work:

Well, today I started on the 2nd Emote-inspired wallpaper… !

The first is here:…

I'm considering starting a series of these.. As the first seemed to be my most popular deviation.  I think it will be quite fun, as well.

Its difficult though.. My pencil-paper skills are horrible, so the simplicity of these makes it easier on me. =]

It's obvious I definitely need the practice on pieces like these.. but I hope to do more in the near future!


Finally.. a HUGE thanks to :iconazhidahaka:!!!

I saw his piece:…

And after about an hour of chatting with him, he decided to allow me to get this piece as my first tattoo!  I'm really excited about this, even though I've been warned about the lines fading or bleeding, I'm prepared to listen to advice given and do what I need to, without changing the design, to get this tattoo.  

I think it's simply beautiful, and can't wait to get it!

Thanks a lot AzhiDahaka!


Well, that's it for now.. What a long one!  Take care everyone, and thanks for the support!


Watched and Friends:


People really, really need to get custom icons! xD
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Well, school has officially started for me.. I've been trying to keep my dA updated.. Its been difficult with summer coming to a close and prepping for school..

I added a few things, such as:

Revolution Tag Tutorial

Thanks again, Element, for letting me make a tutorial from your tag!

I also have uploaded a new tag, and a wallpaper.  Make sure you check out my gallery!

As for school.. My senior year is going to be a great one.. My classes are Physics, Choir, Advanced English, French [yay!], Government, Cabinetry, and Band.  Yes.. I am a band nerd. Tyvm.

We'll see how it goes!

On a more personal note... My love is out of town....... I won't get to talk to him until MONDAY!  :cry:

Anyways......... xD

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Well.. I think I can thank Element


for getting me on here... He tried convincing me a few days ago, and obviously succeeded.  Seems like a cool place, kinda rough to get started, but hey, I'm on my way. xD

Very cool!

I've had my profile on here for.. maybe half an hour, and already comments/hits/favorites!

That's awesome.. =]

Seems like the dA community is a great one!

Thanks to everyone for the comments so far, those being:

:iconazulan: :iconhisui-mi: :iconxoxo14:  

Everyone stop by and show them some love!

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